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We would like to introduce you to the EAGLE VALLEY MUZZLELOADERS. We are a small Carson City based club (about 30 members) founded in 1992. Our club is one of 4 Mountain Man groups in Nevada. Each group operates independently, organizing Rendezvous', and Living History Encampments.
The Fur Trade Era (Mountain Man) 1800's thru 1850's began after Lewis and Clark came west from St Louis. They discovered beaver, which was used for making men's hats.
We have monthly club meetings to discuss upcoming events and other business. We have monthly club shoots, hold an annual Spring Rendezvous the last weekend in April, and have a Fall Rendezvous in Sept.
The Rendezvous re-enacts life as it was in days gone by. The Rendezvous was a gathering place where Mountain Men met to trade their furs that they had trapped all summer long. They traded for goods that they would need for the next year, such as black powder and lead (bullets) for their guns, coffee and tobacco.
Now, we have competitions in shooting rifle and pistols, and throwing tomahawks and knives. We camp in period camps and period clothing. We start our fires to cook our food, with flint and steel. We use candle lanterns for light at night.
EAGLE VALLEY MUZZLELOADERS was named for the valley we live in, and the firearms we use. Muzzleloaders are historic black powder rifles and pistols, loaded from the muzzle of the gun (not from the breach like modern guns). We have two types. Percussion uses a brass cap on a nipple, and flintlock uses a hard rock scraping a hardened frizzen. The scraped hot metal falls into the pan and ignites the powder.

For more info call;

Ben "Kryer" Merrell        President      775-883-7736
Tony "Not Last" Bennett       Vice President    775-324-3456
Michele    Secretary    
Pat Argall    Treasurer    
Matt Montgomery    Web Master     775-229-8505