Kyer's Kolumn

First and foremost I would like to Thank Matt for all the time and effort he put in while being the Secretary. I would like to thank him for getting the website, getting it going, and keeping it updated, with our new server. I would like to thank Wes and John for their new positions on the Executive Board. Ok, all the formal is shit over. Our Feb campout was canceled, do to road conditions, it was to muddy and icy. It would have been a beautiful weekend to camp, the camping area was dry. Our next campout is April 5-7, at Ft Churchill. The area is reserved for us, we can start setting up around noon. Hopefully it will be warm and no wind or rain. Remember it is a Potluck lunch, I will bring the Burgers and Buns. Let Tony know what you are bringing, so we will have all the basics covered. Bring items for the raffle, please. Our Spring Rendezvous is April 26-28, we will need to have some work parties to fix all the stuff broke up there. I know there are missing shooting signs and some targets are broken. We should bring down the targets to be repaired at our March shoot, in case we need to get them welded. LXML has their Spring Fling Rendezvous March 15-17 at their range in Vinton, Ca. you can setup around noon. That's about it for this month